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Seelenfrieden für Ihr Vermögen - Das Buch

In ihrem Buch beschreiben Trevor Pavitt, Alexander Arnbäck und Markus Marquardt ihre Investment Philosophie. Diese basiert auf wissenschaftlichen Studien aus 40 Jahren akademischer Erforschung der Finanzmärkte.

Das Buch ist erhältich auf Französisch , Englisch, Portugiesisch, Schwedisch, Deutsch und Spanisch.

Einige stimmen zum buch:

„Eine sehr gut zu zu lesende Einführung in nicht spekulatives, rationales, langfristig orientiertes Sparen und Investieren. Dem Leser wird verständlich vermittelt, wie er fundamentale Erkenntnisse von Wirtschaftsnobelpreisträgern einfach in die Praxis umsetzt - mit viel weniger Arbeit und viel weniger Stress als durch die üblichen in der Finanzbrache propagierten Methoden und Produkte. Ein exzellenter Ratgeber für jeden, der langfristig und systematisch Vermögen bilden möchte.

Dr. Gerd Kommer, Finanzökonom und Fachbuchautor

„Das Buch ist eine kurzweilige Lektüre mit vielen wertvollen Aussagen. Richtig ist die Kernaussage, dass die Mehrheit der Fondsmanager mit Aktivmanagement den Markt nicht schlagen kann. Das Plädoyer der Verfasser für das Passivmanagement ist sehr gut nachvollziehbar. Mit der Auswahl der Märkte, in denen passiv investiert werden soll, hat ein Privatinvestor dann auch noch mehr als genug zu tun."

Prof. Dr. Frank W. Mühlbradt , Professor an der Technischen Hochschule Regensburg und Head of Research, FinanzResearch München

„Der „Seelenfrieden mit Geld“ ist ein hohes Gut. Ein Werk wie dieses ist deshalb  auch etwas Besonderes. Man merkt, es ist mit viel Herzblut und Engagement geschrieben. Deshalb werden die Leser auch mitgerissen.“

Monika Müller, Diplom Psychologin, Master Certified Coach, Geschäftsführerin FCM Finanzcoaching

„Das Buch gefällt mir ausgezeichnet. Es ist einfach zu lesen und war auch für mich bereits sehr lehrreich. Für Anleger wird es sicherlich sehr hilfreich sein - besonders in schwierigen Zeiten."

Stefan Ballnath, Versicherungsspezialist, Geschäftsführer Ballnath Assekuranz

„Statt auf Ihren Banker zu schießen, nehmen Sie die

Verantwortung Ihrer Finanzen (wieder) selbst in die Hand.“

Ilja Feldstein , Berater Finanz und Versicherung

stimmen zur englischen original Ausgabe:

Why is money such a source of stress? It’s perfectly understandable to be anxious when you don’t have enough money to take care of your own needs or your family’s. But why do people who do have enough, and who’ve put it in the bank—a presumably safe place—also worry about money? Does the investor still trust his banker or his advisor? Who should he consult? What are his alternatives?

The authors have worked for many years with private clients both in Swiss and international banks. In this book they explain how to avoid the traps of the financial services industry and how to invest in peace of mind.

«A coherent, clear, and reasonable strategy for investing with peace of mind. Read this book before you invest another Euro in anything.»
Burton G. Malkiel, Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, over a million book sold.

«This easy to read book summarizes all aspects that a responsible investor should know. People often act irrationally with their money; this reading is a robust guide to regain control over one’s investments.»
Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman, World Economic Forum (WEF Davos Meeting)

« Excellent reading… which I will immediately give to my son. It will be most useful for his future ! »
Stéphane Garelli, Professor at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and at the University of Lausanne

« A book that dares to present the financial services industry as it is […]. It shows the path to profit from greater returns at lower risk.»
Steffen Binder, Co-founder and CEO, MyPrivateBanking.com

«If you're investing your savings in financial markets, you should read this entertaining and easily understandable book as soon as possible.»
Spiros Mylonopoulos, CEO, Bergendahl & Son AB

«The book simply describes the only asset management concept one can recommend to his own family. Incompetent advisors will ignore this book as they are ignoring all conclusions from academic studies on financial markets. Dishonest advisors will disregard the usefulness of this book as they disregard the interests of their clients. In any case, this is a starting point for a constructive and intelligent discussion with all competent and honest advisors.»
An anonymous broker

«This is a most thorough explanation of what works in investing and what does not work. For the sceptical reader, every single point is backed up with a reference to the academic evidence. The guidance leads the reader away from the dangers of risky speculation towards a realistic and successful investment strategy.»
'Michael Barr , Author of “How to Invest Better than the Average Primate"
A Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, UK

«… an enlightening experience for a layman. It is amazing that powerful empirical evidence is not used more often in such publications.»
Alexandre Constantinescu, COO Stampa Group

« A stunning journey at the heart of asset management. A success of simplification without distortion.»
Paul H. Dembinski, Director of the Observatoire de la Finance, Professor at University of Fribourg

«A very interesting book and a great help for those who want to look after their savings.»
Knut Ramel, Senior Advisor, UBS

«This book highlights the fundamental weaknesses of what is offered by banks and asset managers. It also shows an alternative that can be simple and attractive for many.»
Icke Hamilton, Senior Advisor, Erik Penser Bank

«The authors have perfectly succeeded to explain why your investment manager is not an "advisor", rather a salesman who wants you to pay high fees for "advice" that has no expected added value.»
Harry Flam , Professor of International Economics, Stockholm University

«I very much enjoyed reading this book, all the more so because the style is clear, incisive and educational. This book made a convincing case for rejecting the traditional management approach of invoicing fees that condemn you to net returns well below the market. »
Fédéric Poulon, Professor at University of Bordeaux

« Heal your investments seems to me a work that is full of wisdom, explaining in a very instructive way what is at stake in portfolio management. During turbulent times (or the current gloomy times), it’s a book that is right on target.»
Pierre de Senarclens, Professor at University of Lausanne

«Comparing with a metaphor of the book: In a dark room a child is afraid to the unknown thing. The authors put in investors hands who are afraid of the darkness of the unknown thing, a lantern to illuminate and to help them discover what is really in the room, dissipating ghosts and siren’s songs with fundaments and principles that nobody must ignore.»
Pedro Sepúlveda Gutiérrez, Director of Finance Programme for Directors, Executive Education. ESADE Business School

«This book is a fast, easy read for both the innocent novice and more experienced investor. Clearly extensively researched with quotes from Adam Smith (1776) right up to DSK's misjudgements (... the financial ones!) with the wisdom of numerous Nobel Prize winners thrown in for good measure. The Technical Notes section at the end is particularly interesting. If you read this the book the pompous banker will surely squirm in his/her seat when next you meet. For this reason alone it's worth the $20 investment. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone with a bit of money right up to the mega-rich.»
Robin Morris, comment on Amazon.com

«A book that is accessible to everyone. Even those without financial expertise will very quickly understand the subject. The book is very well structured; kudos to the two authors for all their research work, which allowed them to explain sometimes complex procedures simply and clearly. »
Serge Guinand, UBS

« I found this book fascinating and very instructive. The authors deserve a round of applause for having had the courage to confront certain taboos through knowledge and information.»
Rémy Baddour, insurance broker

«After only a few hours of reading, the sometimes opaque systems employed by banks suddenly become clear and comprehensible. The authors lead you, step by step, using very concrete examples taken from everyday life, to understand how a bank functions, and they don’t hesitate to touch on sensitive points. This book may not make you more intelligent, but it will certainly keep you from being duped! »
Banking lawyer

« Really, this is a simple work, one that is accessible to anyone; it’s true, precise and intended for all managers... I only wish that they would keep it at their bedsides to consult it and learn from it, especially considering that it is HIGH time to admit that clients cannot keep being the cash cows for a system that is corrupt and opaque, even obsolete! Thanks to both of you for this honest and topical account.»
Alexandre de Pierpont, advisor

«Whatever his position in the debate between passive and active management, and whatever his opinion on the practices of wealth management, the reader cannot ignore the facts brought to light by this book. »
Christian Mustad, Partner, Edgar Brandt Advisory

«At a time when it is essential to separate the wheat form the chaff, when regulation is heavy-handed and a battle of interests ensues, there are some financiers willing to define positive practices. That’s true of these bankers/authors who offer investors a method of investing known as “passive” investment. This is truly an intelligent and rational strategy, and one solely in the client’s interest. »
Denis Dupré, Professor of Finance and Ethics, holder of the Responsible Managers Chair, University of Grenoble

«Does an investor really need the use of a crutch (an expensive financial "expert") when he can walk faster with
his own feet?»
Antonio Delfim Netto
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Economics and Administration,
University of São Paulo, Former
Minister of Finance

«After reading your book, I regained confidence in myself as a customer of my bank. Now I meet them knowing
that I am the client and that I have the right to require that they work for me. Thank you for helping me to
regain control.»
Ms C.

«The book puts into context what I have long suspected about the hidden fees of the banks. It also lends
support to my initial gut feeling of being betrayed and cheated. This book has given me the courage to continue
with my own investment strategy and reinforces my skepticism about the investment advice of the banks.»
Ms L.

«In this book you will find useful ideas that will give you confidence, allowing you to avoid absurd losses and
offering you good opportunities.»
Antonio Argandoña
Professor of Economics and Business Ethics
IESE Business School

«This book outlines with facts and research that financial advisers and institutions do not have their clients best interests in mind. There are serious conflicts of interest, deceptive marketing, and an underlying greed that robs the individual of the clarity necessary to make wise investment choices. This book will give the reader a good kick off towards taking control of their investments and making wise and educated decisions.»
Samuel Maldonado, comment on Amazon.com

«Don't shoot at the banker, take control of your investments.»
Ilja Feldstein
Finance and insurance advisor

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